Suket Dhir’s Website  — Graduation Project

Suket Dhir

Sponsor & Mentor
Ampersand DesignNow Form

Images and text by the client
Images taken from COSstore’s website for representational purposes only
Bowler hat animated by Yumba Taipodia

Brand words
Experiential, Discovery, Classic, Elegant, Exclusive, Youthful, Quirky, Humorous, Effortless, Subtle, Light-hearted, Discovery

Suket Dhir is a luxury menswear designer based out of New Delhi and a winner of the prestigious International Woolmark 2015/16. The aim of the project was to strategically identify and define the Suket Dhir brand and in the process derive a brand language to be applied to the website. 

Just like Suket Dhir’s work, the website was designed to be simple and elegant at first glance, but full of surprises on further inspection. The website was created using a colour palette of washed out greys and a dash of ochre, to bring out the sophisticated elegance of the brand as well as hint at its quirkiness. The website uses a pinky finger hover cursor rather than a traditional cursor, keeping in mind the brand’s sense of cheeky humour.  

A set of icons were designed to make the users’ experience more engaging. Suket Dhir’s iconic bowler hat, which he’s never seen without, was converted into an icon for the footer and used as a magician’s hat. Interactions and animations were incorporated throughout so that the website would remain surprisingly delightful while maintaining a classic old-world charm.

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