Musée Rodin Posters

Self Initiated

Images clicked by me, text from Musée Rodin’s official website

Graphic Design, Typography

Last winter, I had the opportunity to visit France and I found myself spending a lot of time in the beautiful museums of Paris. I was particularly drawn to the iconic Musée Rodin. Something about Rodin’s magnificent sculptures and artworks sprawled across the elegant Hôtel Biron left an impact on me. It changed the notions I had about the architecture and interiors of museums.

Inspired by their orderly/disorderly spaces and arrangements, I created posters for a couple of exhibitions, using the pictures I had taken. Just like the rooms in the museum, which allow glimpses of works to be visible from one room to the next, adding many layers to the visual experience, I tried to layer the information in the poster accordingly. The posters were created to serve as educative advertising for the museum.