Injiri's Website


Images and text by Injiri
Developed by Jatin Kukreja & Rahul Alam

Website Design, Brand Identification

Non-Commercial, Sustainable, Anti-trend, Airy, Breathable, Delicate, Classic, Mature, Sober, Old School. Traditional, Stern

Injiri is a textiles brand creating products for home and clothing. The brand was launched to make beautiful textiles from a utilitarian point of view, by respecting the sanctity of  the craft rather than creating trendy products for an ever-changing market. To showcase their values, craft and work Injiri required a website.

The website was created with minimal colours and gimmicks, keeping in mind Injiri’s old school sobriety and preserving its pedagogical rather than commercial roots. A serif was used as the website font, along with a sparsely used sans-serif for supporting text in an almost academic fashion.

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