Food & Culture — A Visual Document

Self Initiated

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Food & Culture attempts to understand the modern meaning of culture in the historically multi cultural city of New Delhi. The goods and services utilised by people of an area are reliable indicators of their lifestyle and food is no exception.  This issue focuses specifically on the visuals encompassing the food of North Campus, Delhi University, an area dominated by impecunious college students.

I curated a list of the most popular and distinct college eating joints of North Campus after which I undertook a field study and visited each place. I tried to get information from the restaurant owner/staff whenever possible. I also spoke with other customers to find out what their opinions and experiences were. My focus was not only on the food but also the interiors, the decor, the vibe, the crowd, the serving style and other factors surrounding food.

For the display font I used Ogg, a calligraphic serif, to pay homage to Delhi’s Persian heritage. The publication follows a strict grid and utilises a neutral, grotesque body font owing to its documentary nature. The text and images have been interspersed to replicate the highly intermingled character of Delhi as a city.