Injiri Website — Iteration

An old concept for Injiri's website—paying homage to the client's fondness of monochromatic imagery. Transparent menu bars were used to integrate a sense of delicacy and transparency to the website.


Vianaar — Branding

During my freelancing period at Quick Brown Fox, I was working on a branding project for Vianaar, a luxury, Goan, real estate company. Their collaterals and visuals were being created around the concept of terrazzo, an element they love incorporating in their property. This was an iteration for the same.

Injiri Lookbook — Iteration

A previous concept for Injiri’s lookbook. The idea was to use different colours for different sections of the book. This is the philosophy/technique section with grey spreads.

Gender Bender — Posters

This illustration was created for a course undertaken with Gary Taxali. The concept was to highlight a state of gender crisis through the usage of double sided heads. The illustration was originally painted on a piece of discarded sunboard and then edited digitally.

Woodstock Retold — Posters

I created this series of posters after watching Woodstock (1970) by Michael Wadleigh, in an attempt to bring to limelight conflicting interests, financial disasters and massive blunders that led to this iconic music festival. The arms are symbolic of the clash between the flower children and the not-so-flowery organisers.